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    Over Temperature Protection

    Over Voltage Protection

    Over Current Protection

    Current fuse Wirewound Fusing Resistor Thermo-Fuse Resistor PTC Thermistor (PTC)

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    New Products

    Current fuse
    Current fuse
    Rated current: 100mA-20A. Rated voltage: 125V, 250Vac. Ceramic and glass tube. Fast acting and time lag. Low breaking capacity. Size: Φ5×20mm, Φ3.6×10mm. Applications: energy saving bulb, power supply, power adapter, battery charger, TV/display, air conditioner and printer.
    Wirewound Fusing Resistor
    Wirewound Fusing Resistor
    Small size. Surge protection. Over-current protection. Wave soldering and reflow soldering available. Withstand short time overload without broken. Applications: adapter, power supply and LED lamp.
    Thermo-Fuse Resistor
    Thermo-Fuse Resistor
    Patented product thermal fuse resistor, integrates a thermal fuse and a wire wound fusing resistor, which has over temperature and over current protections. It can avoid the potential risk of over high temperature caused by the wire wound resistor under a small fault current. Applications: adapter, power supply, LED lamp and power tool.
    PTC Thermistor (PTC)
    PTC Thermistor (PTC)
    PTC stands for Positive Temperature Coefficient. The PTC thermistor provides variable resistance based on temperature. As temperature rises, resistance increases from low to high and blocks the spike in current to do over current protection.